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Aanya Ebrahim.
Writer. Musician.

Aanya Ebrahim is a young woman coming into her own. Dealing with grief, change and the whims and woes of being a teenager in the twenty-first century she channels herself into those things that bring her peace. With a strong passion for reading and poetry she turns to writing for solace. With a deep love for indie music, she looks to her guitar for comfort. With a longstanding affinity for public speaking, she speaks volumes through her debating. And with an inquisitive fascination for the biological sciences, she dwells in awe of the world around her. Her mind is an amalgamation of various facets and interests, and her work is a manifestation of the same. Seeking inspiration from many masters of their art before her, she aspires to inspire from her own work and journey, someday.

Aanya Ebrahim is a young woman coming into her own. Dealing with grief, change and the whims and woes of teenage life in the 21st century she channels herself into those things that bring her peace and an outlet for beautiful catharsis - Writing & Music.
Aanya Ebrahim
Aanya Ebrahim
Aanya Ebrahim
Aanya Ebrahim
Published Articles

Published Articles

Becoming the Butterfly


Becoming the Butterfly
aanya becoming the butterfly

You do not just snap your fingers one day and become the butterfly. It takes time, patience, and self-growth. This book is a journey, a mosaic made from little fragments of my heart and soul, pieces of my intentions, hopes and dreams. It’s been divided into four sections; The Caterpillar, The Cocoon, Metamorphosis and The Butterfly. I’ve filled these pages with pieces of poetry, tales from my own life and stories that have reached me through word of mouth, recollections of days that have felt like storms and others that have felt like summer. Rants and rambling of my perceptions of the world, facts and truths of (my) life, and letters of all the things I want to say - cryptically addressed to all the people I want to say them to. For quite a while. This book has held me. And now it is yours to make your own. I hope that somewhere, in between these pages you feel less alone. And I hope you become the most beautiful butterfly. My words are my world. My words are my power. My words are my solace, my secret. My words are my gift, my words are now yours. I have for you - a delicate construction of poems and prose, something so fierce, something so close to my heart, in hopes that it will speak to yours.

Aanya Ebrahim Writer
The Dot that went for a walk

A published writer by age eleven, I worked on a five hundred word biographical piece on Amrita Sher Gil for a collaborative book. The Dot That Went For A Walk is a culmination of talented young writers from across the globe. With a girls for girls forefront, we have each written pieces on India’s most formidable female role models - a celebration of the powerful women our country serves home to. This experience was incredibly formative in all the writing opportunities that were to come for me. It gave me an early sense of what a thorough writing process is like - spending the summer of my fifth grade writing, re-writing, and making edit after edit, it truly helped me understand the catharsis, dedication and work ethic being a successful writer demands.


Awards & Recognition

Aanya Ebrahim 1st Prize - Robin Age Bright Sparks Award 2021-22
1st Prize: RobinAge Bright Sparks Awards 2021-22

for Food for Thought! by Aanya Ebrahim, Class 9, KC High International School, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Aanya Ebrahim 1st Runners Up - Furtados Band It Festival 2021
1st Runners Up: Furtados Band It Festival 2021

in the Solo Singing Category of India’s Largest Virtual Music Competition awarded to Aanya Ebrahim, Class 9, KC High International School, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


My Debut EP is Out

I felt as though my life was in retrograde for many months. I lost a lot of people that I loved. I lost some of my friends. I was trying to navigate early experiences of heartbreak. Nothing felt real. It was such a strange, silent time in my life. I couldn’t bring myself to write about my days or what was going on in my life, because I didn’t want to think about it more than I had to. Now, I feel like my retrograde is ending and I’m able to articulate and songwrite about certain things I was going through. This record is like a reflection of all that. Here it is now, my retrograde squeezed into a few minutes, and made into this EP. I hope I’m able to capture the beautiful depth of sadness, the maturity of a gentle anger and the complexity of feeling absolute relief and peace. I hope I’m able to translate the epiphany that it may seem like the world wants to tear you apart, but it’s just building you back up better, and you just don’t know it. I just don’t know it. We just don’t know it.

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